Social Value

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Social Value

Vocosa promotes and commits to delivering Social Value as an integrated part of service delivery, company policies and values.
Tackling Economic Inequality

Supporting local communities: Vocosa creates jobs and always employs local staff.

Creating training schemes Vocosa develops skills and trains through apprenticeship schemes. We work with the Henley College and QA to provide on-the-job practical training and give time off to allow the staff to develop skills and achieve recognised qualifications.

Health and Wellbeing Vocosa promotes health and wellbeing within our workforce, including physical and mental health.

Equal Opportunity

Vocosa’s key principles are to:

  • Eliminate discrimination.
  • Advance equality of opportunity.
  • Foster good relations between different people when carrying out their activities.

In practice, this means that:

  • Vocosa promotes equal opportunity and tackles workforce inequality.
  • We will not use zero-hours contracts.
  • We provide funded training and professional development opportunities for existing employees.

Recycling Waste is now separated into metals, plastics etc. and is recycled using a local waste disposal service.

We green recycle devices securely and ethically.

Fighting Climate Change

Vocosa is helping fight climate change by working towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions and promoting this with all key business stakeholders. We have committed to Carbon Net Neutral by 2030 and we have 2 years of Carbon Reduction Plan data.


We will discuss with the Client the reason for decommissioning the IT equipment to firstly confirm that it cannot continue to be used with an extended warranty or upgrade.

If the equipment is deemed to be of no further use to the business or is end of life (EOL), we will look at trading it in, achieving cashback for the Client, providing the equipment with a new lease of life, or applying ethical disposal and recycling.

Charity Donations

We have recently donated refurbished laptops to a homeless charity in London and a number of local schools in Buckinghamshire.