IT Hardware Infrastructure for Business

IT Hardware Infrastructure for Education

IT Hardware Infrastructure for Business

An efficient, secure network - physical, virtual or wireless is critical for any IT setup. We believe that all networks should be assessed, starting with the core network, before any new solutions are designed or implemented to ensure a stable, futureproof platform is in place to build on.

Our network solutions include all requirements, data applications and devices to meet your needs. We are experienced in both upgrading and installing new networks to support the specific academic and operational needs of our education customers.

Our team works with our customers to design a resilient, affordable and high-performance solution to support existing technologies and any new ones.

Fibre and Data Cabling

Our team prides itself on helping futureproof customers with fibre and data cabling. We also understand that network updates can be expensive and time-consuming; and the importance of conforming to cabling standards. Ensuring disruption is minimised, our knowledgeable team will design, install and support certified high-quality, high-performance infrastructure copper and fibre cabling systems. We can also design, install and provide support for managed data centres and server rooms.

We install:

  • Category 5e, 6, 6a and 7 solutions (shielded and unshielded, field terminated and pre-terminated)
  • OM2, OM3, OM4, OS1, OS2 fibre optic solutions (traditional and blown fibre, filed and pre-terminated)
User Devices

We can provide advice, supply and install a range of products and devices suitable for use in large or small environments.

We supply devices which are robust enough for all uses, from the office to robust portable IT equipment for use out on the road.

The relationships and partnerships we have developed with manufacturers and suppliers give us the opportunity to offer the latest leading products at competitive prices.

We will ensure delivery, installation, training and safe, secure disposal of old equipment are all considered. And all with sustainability in mind!


We understand the importance of reliable WiFi in any organisation, in particular in education, with a high number of concurrent users, and lessons which should not be interrupted by poor WiFi solutions.

We have designed and installed a range of internal and external WiFi options from vendors including Aruba, Meraki, Ruckus and Unifi, as well as the switching network, routers, firewalls and cabling.

Always selecting the most appropriate one for the customer. This overcomes any issues regarding coverage across the site, transitioning between areas of the site, slow logons, connectivity issues, and security considerations.

We also have experience installing temporary solutions, including Point to Point and 5G, where required. We can also advise and support with connecting solutions, services and devices in the school to the new wireless network.


Our team will explain why moving to the cloud is cost effective, efficient and essential in education. Moving to the cloud with encrypted cloud solutions will bring a range of benefits, such as reliability of backups, protection, financial savings, ease of access, reduced onsite hardware, and sustainability.

Services offered, implemented and supported, include:

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft InTune
  • Email
  • Google Apps
  • Cloud Backup
  • Wireless controllers
  • Hosted infrastructure
  • Monitoring
  • Disaster Recovery