Managed ICT Support


Managed ICT Support

The service we propose is more than just a technical bill of materials – it is a hands-on service, providing real people with real solutions. We are bringing a wealth of technical knowledge and human skills through our team who have an in-depth understanding of education and business settings.

ICT Support

Our Managed ICT Service will provide your organisation any of the following support options:


Our solution offers an easy-to-use helpdesk and ITIL approach support service for staff to save time in reporting and resolving issues, as well as researching and sourcing solutions. The helpdesk is a portal which is accessible to all staff.

We assign Technical Engineers to each client so that they get to know the staff, site and systems. The Technicians perform proactive preventative maintenance function checks, updates, integration and installation services

We assign Technical Engineers to each client so that they get to know the staff, site and systems. The Technicians perform proactive preventative maintenance function checks, updates, integration and installation services

In addition to ICT equipment, includes maintenance and Support of the following: CCTV and Access Control, Sign-In Management System, Digital Signage System, Cashless Catering Support.

Hardware troubleshooting and support with the use of devices including PCs, laptops, printers, Interactive White Boards, projectors, display boards & screens, and network devices.

Remote Availability Monitoring of Server Infrastructure, Network Switches, and Firewalls. A a standard set of object and events are monitored using pre-defined thresholds and triggers, with events generating an alert to Vocosa’s Technical Engineers. Where appropriate, such alerts will result in the generation of an incident ticket and automated or manual intervention to address the fault or cause of the alert. We can implement availability monitoring for server and network devices, alerting the Vocosa Technical Engineers of any events and enabling rapid reaction to incidents without the dependency on end-user reporting of such issues.

Our engineers will load software via a common office image or on individual devices, as required and appropriate; WDS and Microsoft EndPoint as appropriate; our skilled engineers will set up online resources e.g. user access, VLEs, Google Education and Google Classroom.

Our Engineers, Account and Project Managers will work to ensure a seamless service: 

  • liaise with third parties as required to address orders, subscriptions, renewals, updates, issues, maintenance, repairs and returns
  • manage deliveries and collections around site hours, access and restrictions
  • liaise with tradesmen, including electricians, where they are required for projects
  • liaise with Building Contractors, and the incumbent IT Supplier.

Data recorded from system monitoring, helpdesk tickets, phone logs and engineer logs will form part of regular reviews and will directly influence improvements to processes and solutions. This will be shared with the leadership team to support planning, developments and change in line with the Strategic Vision Development we offer.

We can schedule monthly staff twilight training sessions on pre-set themes, as well as themes highlighted or requested in staff feedback, to support staff with IT solutions and devices. Example themes include Classroom AV, Microsoft Teams, Google for Education, CCTV system advanced user training, AB Tutor for Safeguarding staff, and SEND resources.

Our team will update existing asset logs, forecast warranty renewals, upgrades and replacements and carry out testing at regular intervals. We will add new assets or remove retired ones from to the asset logs and maintain these. We can propose the use of asset management software tools which can be cloud based to support a move to the cloud.

We can help a school prepare for inspection by increasing our presence to offer additional support to reassure staff the technology will function as they need it to. We are able to meet with OFSTED staff, if required, to discuss the IT systems and solutions. In the unlikely event that anything is highlighted for improvement, we will take necessary remedial action.

Design, specification and procurement of hardware, licencing and maintenance – Our Solution Architects and Consultants will work in collaboration with you to design and specify a solution which meets or exceeds the criteria and expectations of the leadership team and the ICT strategy. This will include understanding the use case for the requirement, assessing and presenting possible designs with budgetary options, and then creating a formal Statement of Works to be agreed and signed off by all parties for the Project Team to deliver.

MACs involving more than 5 devices are treated as mini-projects and activities will include:

  • identifying the users affected,
  • Prioritising the MAC, Identifying downtime, cost, communication plan, process
  • Assigning the MAC to an engineer, identifying who else is involved, time required, risks and mitigation 
  • Identifying training required 
  • Approval

Project Management is delivered with PRINCE 2 methodology at its heart; with a focus on managing risk and change to ensure successful project delivery. The Vocosa team works in accordance with ITIL/FITS. The Project Management approach includes a definition of requirements, agreed deliverables, acceptance/success/quality criteria and detailed implementation and resource plans. These approaches lead to the delivery of quality IT solutions, delivered on time, in budget and to user expectations.