Managed ICT Support for Business

IT Support

ICT Support for Business

The service we propose is more than just a technical bill of materials – it is a hands-on service, providing real people with real solutions. We are bringing a wealth of technical knowledge and human skills through our team who have an in-depth understanding of business settings.

Your company’s day-to-day operations cannot afford to be compromised and we recognise the important role your leadership team plays in the management and day to day operations of your business.

To ensure reliable IT and personal response for these VIP users, we have provisioned VIP SLA response via the onsite Technical Engineers for your leadership team.

The Account team are there to provide information, support and be a point of escalation for the ongoing management of the working relationship.

Your company will have access to a range of technical experts all based on a centralised datacentre platform.

Regular contact will be with the Helpdesk engineers, who are support by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line engineers, providing advice, guidance and technical solutions to any IT queries.

They will also manage moves, adds and changes, and will be the driving force to resolve any critical incident, should one take place.

Any project work will be handled by the Consultants and Project team, who will liaise with your project leads throughout the contract.

Reporting and Lessons Learnt.

  • We monitor service levels and perform a deep dive into cause if a ticket fails SLA.
  • We share findings with customers and key stakeholders.
  • We provide a regular Service Management report.
  • We update the Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) document if required, for continuous improvement.

We continually strive to improve the support service we offer through:

  • regular assessment of the products we provide.
  • consultancy services.
  • ways to reuse of parts of the existing setup to reduce costs and waste.
  • keeping up to date with legislative changes (GDPR, environmental, H&S, waste etc.)
  • technological advances affecting surveys (e.g. introducing aerial surveys via drone)
  • helpdesk system options and level of service offered to our clients.
  • availability of post-installation Support and Maintenance contracts.

Reporting a Service Level Failure

  • If a failure is identified, it will be logged in the Vocosa helpdesk, either directly into the Helpdesk tool by the user, or by a Vocosa Engineer as soon as they are notified. The user will receive confirmation of receipt of notification.
  • Cause Identification
  • The issue will be reported to the Incident Response and/or Technology Team. The named personnel will follow the procedure/s relevant to the type of incident and keep users informed of status
  • Resolution
  • Resolution reached, failure resolved; key customers and stakeholders via email/phone informed, with reference to their specific Deliverables.
  • Collect and analyse post-incident evidence.
  • Provide report to the key customers, detailing issue, steps taken to resolve, KPIs and learnings/mitigation.