IT Consultancy for Business

IT Services

We offer documented advice and support in the formation of IT strategies and roadmaps, forecasting, planning and project solution proposals.


IT Consultancy for Business

Our team come from a variety of backgrounds within business; IT consultants, technical engineers and architects, installers, admin and end users.

This ensures we are able to support our business customers’ needs fully. We work in many public sector organisations as well as private businesses, which reassures customers of our high standards and understanding of ICT in business environments.

We offer consultancy on all aspects of IT and our consultants offer experience, advice and guidance of high quality, considering best practice, best value and effective, efficient solutions. We guide customers through their project, taking away unnecessary worries and reducing workload, and resulting in informed decisions and positive outcomes and productivity for all users.

Smart Technology

Vocosa can help you decide on the best combination of components to achieve your technology objectives:

Worn and other mobile devices/sensors will only function to their maximum potential if the wireless network supports them.


We have partnerships with manufacturers, such as HikVision and Axis, allowing us to offer access to the latest & most innovative products, solutions, competitive prices.

We will create the solution to meet your requirements with consideration of the existing setup.

We can advise on whether existing devices can be upgraded or require replacement, bearing in mind budgets and sustainability objectives.

Risk Mitigation:

During the planning phase, we will identify any risks associated with the Smart Technology solution. We will identify where these risks have been present in previous projects (for example, stock constraints, power outages, internet failures).

We will provide solutions that will benefit the buyer.

We will also ensure that the solution offered and installed to the Buyer is also compatible with their existing solutions, hardware or software.


If the Smart Technology system is replacing an existing system, the two systems will run simultaneously until the User Acceptance Testing is complete. At this point, the old system will be shut down and removed, as necessary, and the new one takes over.

This ensures that your business always has a Smart Technology system in place to provide relevant access, monitoring and/or safeguarding of premises.

Sales Support:

We can demonstrate products and we can offer training on these to give personnel the confidence to use them innovatively and effectively. We will use past project experience and lessons learnt to inform the project plan.

IT Consultants

Solution Design

Vocosa can help you with a range of Smart Technologies, Smart Buildings, Crime Prevention and Education setups, manufacturers and products, including Access Control and CCTV.

We will deliver peace of mind through

  • Meeting with stakeholders to understand goals, needs, budget and expectations
  • Understanding requirements including user type, volumes, site size, high risk areas, high traffic areas, lighting, visual obstructions, lifespan, future expansion to the system, and maintenance.
  • Site visit to gain a realistic idea of the requirement and feasibility of delivering the requirement and to see any existing solution already in situ
  • Site Surveys to uncover any issues and perceived problems and we then provide feedback of the results of the surveys. The scope of the surveys includes identifying obstructions e.g. trees, location of existing setup/cabling/power supply, servers, switching, software, internet capabilities.
  • Planning the implementation – The data gathered from visits and discussion will inform the project plan. We will meet with any existing IT team or any 3rd parties involved either in the maintenance or delivery of the solution, or who are impacted by the new solution to ensure that they are informed and involved.
  • The rollout will conclude with user acceptance testing and signoff, to ensure that all issues are addressed.


As smart technologies are increasingly used to connect the digital and physical worlds at work and in the work.

Vocosa can help simplify your journey to using these technologies, and help you tap into the benefits.

Core to managing your data is a robust wired (for example, Ethernet) or wireless (for example, WiFi or Cellular) network with computing systems that can monitor or manage the health and actions of connected objects and machines, as well as provide data and analytics to increase the efficiency of your operations.

Worn and other mobile devices/sensors will only function to their maximum potential if the wireless network supports them.

We will assess your existing infrastructure to ensure minimum requirements are met and the infrastructure can support the devices and solution being proposed.

This is particularly important where large numbers of sensors are being solutioned and a large amount of data is being collected, collated and transferred via an IoT gateway or hub for analysis and action via cloud-based user interface, application or back-end system.